The bot will follow people, like the posts and comment as well

Selenium bot logging in on Instagram — Image by author

Note: This bot was created purely for educational purposes. Bot creation on platforms such as Instagram is considered a violation of their terms and conditions. Doing so may result in your account being banned, and possible legal action taken against you.

I have been looking for a simple automation script/source code which I can just copy and use to automate my instagram account. The primary purpose of automation was learning but I also wanted to increase my following on Insta. Sure, there are online services that are selling Instagram followers and can give you 1000 to 5000 followers in a…

Two rapes: One of a 5-year-old girl Marwa raped then murdered and the second of a mother of 3, who was raped in front of her children

Photo by Rene Asmussen from Pexels

It is common that psychological issues or the lack of laws and punishments cause an increase in crime. But I am going to debate on unpopular opinion on how society, its norms, and culture contribute in making the crimes darker.

Let’s learn about the two recent rape cases in just one week, in a conservative society like Pakistan, in its worst form.

Case 1-Rape of a 5-year-old Marwa

This happened in PIB Colony, Karachi which is the most populous city of Pakistan. A 5-year-old girl went to get biscuits at a local shop on the morning of Friday, September 4 when she went missing.

After two…

A listicle of Chrome extensions for everyone

Photo by Byron Sterk on Unsplash

Extension Lists

Here is the list of extensions that I have found and used personally. And these are all general-purpose extensions, that can be used by anyone, not specifically geared towards writers or web developers.

I have added links to that extension on the Chrome store, so you just click and download whichever extension you find relevant to you.

Also if you are not a Chrome person, you use open-source Mozilla Firefox you can still search for these extensions as addons on Firefox. Chances are you will find them with the same names or addons with other names but the same functionality…

From the diary of a corporate employee

Photo by Erik Mclean from Pexels

Whose life is not affected due to corona?

Corporate employees face the problem of severe weight gain after sitting continuously for several hours straight in front of a screen.

Soon, employees look like they’re 4-months pregnant, genius. and if you count the slims only then 7-month pregnant. Not sure what the last line means. In fact, some go the extra mile in competition and grow their chests as well. Currently, I am also a part of this competition.

Wait, couldn’t I work from home instead? Nah! I'm among a handful of privileged 5–8% bank employees who are still enjoying…

Market your articles through Facebook to thousands of Medium Members

large audience
large audience
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As an aspiring writer on Medium, you must be facing a lot of questions and still on the way of learning how to get more views and increase your followers. I have joined these groups and I felt a huge difference. First of all, even my articles which got curated by Medium did not have enough views. I got curated in PROGRAMMING on How to Host a Static website on Github Page, and in JAVASCRIPT and PROGRAMMING in Roadmap to Learning React Native. But never more than two topics yet. However, there were some views after a couple of…

Get unlimited access to locked articles using any of 3 hacks

error on premium aricle on medium or locked story on medium
error on premium aricle on medium or locked story on medium
premium story or locked story error on Medium-screenshot by Author

When you see an asterisk * with the title of the story on Medium, it means this story is from a Medium Partner and is considered a premium story on Medium. You get 3 free premium or locked stories per month then Medium shows you one of the two error messages. If you are logged in it will ask you to log in, otherwise, it will ask you to become a Medium member as shown in the image above.

Incognito Mode

When you see an article locked, just copy the url of the post. Go to Incognito window in Google Chrome…

You can start today

Be happy by practicing compassion from today

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.” — Dalai Lama

We all try to improve our lives to be happy using different strategies. Some are better than the others and some in fact leave the opposite impact. In my opinion, the real happiness when we and the people around us are happy. Here we will discuss two distinct approaches that people tend to follow.

The Wrong Approach to be Happy — Pleasure vs Happiness

It is common that in order to be happy we tend to become materialistic. We all are inclined to buy a new phone, a car, or…

Photo by Daniel Öberg on Unsplash


میں جوان ہو گیا ، بچہ نہ رہا
بس پڑھ چکا ، اب کما رہا
میں ملا بہت لوگوں سے ، بہت شعبوں کے بہت عمروں كے
ان سب کے باوجود نہ جانے کیوں میرا دِل بچہ ہی رہ گیا

لگتا ہے ہوگئی دنیا ہے بڑی ، سوچتا ہوں میں کیوں نکما رہ گیا
جو شامل نہ ہوں دنیا كے ساتھ چلنے میں
کبھی سوچتا ہوں دنیا کہاں ہے ، اور میں کہاں
اور افسوس یہ ہی ہوتا ہے کے میرا دِل بچہ ہی رہ گیا

ذرا غور کرو ، جہاں کمی اصل ہے
دنیا کرتی ہے باتیں ، لڑائی ،…

What we learn from those who serve us

Photo by Gantas Vaičiulėnas from Pexels

Many years ago, when I was eighteen years old, our family needed to hire a servant. Our mother took advantage of the strongest network in the town (better than intelligence agencies even) — she asked a couple of aunties in the nearby area.

Word spread quickly that we were looking for help. Some of the aunts held grudges and wouldn’t be of much help, but the news spread like fire to the other aunties.

We began the recruitment drive for a housekeeper. They were interviewed on whether they could handle the workload and whether they agreed on the salary…

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